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为方便处理你的网上申请,请参考以下联络点. For faster response, always indicate the following on the SUBJECT of your email: Concern, Student Name, Student Number

Office of the University Treasurer
+632 87777-338 Loc. 502, 503 and 504
For concerns on status of online PN approval
Cash Discount and Sibling Discount applications.

Budget and Accounting Department
+632 87777-338 Loc. 514 and 515

Visit this LINK

PN application with Outstanding Balances

Submission of Proof of payment

Online Payment via Credit Card
Apply in MS Forms to secure Email Pay access
Apply through this LINK
Credit card payment via TAMS ServiceDeck
CLICK HERE for instructions

Payment Options Online
How and Where to Pay the outstanding balance
Visit this link:菠菜网最稳定正规平台QPaymentOptions

Sibling Discount – How to Apply
在线申请通过学生中心进行,并通过该中心提交所需文件 LINK.

Certificate of Tuition Assessment
Apply through this link:菠菜网最稳定正规平台CertificateOfTuitionAssessment

Payments that do not need proof of payment:

  1.  场外票据支付通过BPI, MBTC, BDO,联合银行和证券银行  (你的付款单上显示的是你的学生号,银行已经确认)
    • Payments are posted on the  next banking day
    • 周末付款被认为是星期一付款,并在休息日(星期二)发布。
  2. Online payment through credit cards using EmailPay.

Payments that need proof of payment (Three days posting):

  1. 通过BPI, MBTC, BDO,联合银行和证券银行直接存款  (你的付款单上没有银行确认的学生号)
  2. Online Fund transfers  (any bank)
  3. GCash/ PayMaya transfers (any bank)
    • Payments are NOT posted automatically.   
    • 在汇款到您的账户之前,您需要先提交付款证明.
    • The proof of payment is to be submitted via  TAMS ServiceDeck
    • Posting is THREE working days.

Bukas financial services partnership

菠菜网最稳定正规平台 partnered with Bukas in providing an easy and affordable way to pay for school.
A Bukas tuition installment plan, or simply a student loan, 是否有一种灵活的付款方式,你可以在整个学年的任何时候使用——从第一年到毕业.
When you apply for a tuition installment plan at Bukas, 在菠菜网最稳定正规平台,你可以12个月分期支付学费,而不是一次性支付. 现在你不用担心下学期的学费了! Worry less and study more with 菠菜网最稳定正规平台 and Bukas.
Apply for a tuition installment plan with Bukas today!
最全菠菜网大全学费分期付款计划的菠菜网最稳定正规平台问题,你也可以查看 Bukas website or visit their Help Center!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t  I access the enrollment system?  I have no Outstanding Balance.  
你可能有其他的障碍,从你的学术地位,纪律办公室或图书馆罚款. 请检查您的学生中心如何处理您的其他障碍的清除. This is not visible from the Finance’s end.

How much is my Outstanding Balance?
Instead of asking this from the Treasurer’s Office , and for Data Privacy, 您可以直接通过学生中心访问更新后的SOA.
Click : Statement of Account

How much is the Tuition for this semester?
请注意,这些预算是根据每年相应水平的正规课程计算的. 学费金额可能会根据注册的单元号而有所不同.

I have an outstanding balance.  Can I apply for a PN?
Yes. 所有有结余的学长均可申请申请通知书. You may apply through this link:
The reply will be sent to your official 菠菜网最稳定正规平台 EMAIL address. 在您的PN被批准之前,您的部分余额将被要求结算. 

I already paid the required amount .  How come I still cannot access the enrollment?
(1) Send the proof of payment to TAMS ServiceDeck via 
(Choose ‘Proof of Payment Uploading” Option)
(2) Apply for an ONLINE PN via 
Student Central for Outstanding Balance and Down payment

Where can we pay our Tuition Fee?
The Campus Cashiers are still closed. 学费将通过最全菠菜网大全的合作银行在线支付.
菠菜网最稳定正规平台与以下银行有票据支付安排:(1)BDO, (2) BPI, (3) Metrobank, (4) Security Bank and (5) Union Bank.
Please choose BILLS PAYMENT. Direct Deposits to 菠菜网最稳定正规平台 account is discouraged, 因为这是不张贴在学生帐户,除非最全菠菜网大全看到付款证明.
账单支付将在您的学生账户的下一个银行日(或在24 -48小时内)发布,而不需要发送付款证明.

Where can we pay Bookstore purchases ONLINE?
Please click this LINK

I do not want to go to the bank and pay over the counter.   I want to pay ONLINE. 
Your Online payment options are as follows:

(1)一次性注册在线BILLERS, ff银行:BDO, BPI, MBTC, Security Bank & Union Bank. (使用你的学号作为参考号注册). Payment is posted within 24 banking hours to your account. (Bank transactions on weekends are reported as Mondays.)
(2) Online Bank transfer through GCash, Pay Maya
-Choose Bank: UNIONBANK
-Account Name: 菠菜网最稳定正规平台
-Account Number: 1030-6000-6078
Then send your Proof of Online transfer to : TAMS ServiceDeck

How Do I pay via Credit Card?
(1) via Tams ServiceDeck, click ONLINE PAYMENT
(2) via Email Pay :

Is there an EARLY Payment Discount?
菠菜网最稳定正规平台 gives a 5% Cash Discount if you pay in full the – outstanding balance and the current Tuition and Other Fees assessment for the current enrollment ; The deadline to avail of the cash discount is included in the Enrollment calendar announcement, please click this link.

我利用了现金折扣,并在最后期限内付款, 为何我的户口结单上仍有未清的结余?
具有5%现金折扣资格的一次性学生账户将在期末考试当天或之前入账. 这是为了确保所有的调整都会影响计算, are already updated in the student accounts.

How do we apply for a Sibling Discount?  When is the deadline?
Siblings who are both enrolled at 菠菜网最稳定正规平台 Manila or Makati,  在同一学年期间享有兄弟姐妹折扣. ONLY the Elder Sibling is required to apply via STUDENT CENTRAL; Once application via  student central is done, 提交要求(兄弟姐妹的COR和新申请人的BC, COR for renewal) through this link:

How do I request for a Certificate of Assessment ?  (银行要求的学生贷款和奖学金资助人)
A fee of P76.00 is collected per certificate. 首先上传您的付款证明到TAMS servicedeck后,您的付款证明, 透过此连结完成申请评估证书表格:菠菜网最稳定正规平台CertificateOfTuitionAssessment.

Is there a charge when I drop a Course? Or if I cancel my enrollment?
如果你在开学第一周内退学,你可以收到10%的学费;如果你在两周内退学,你可以收到20%的学费.   如果你在第三周交了学费,你就可以全额(100%)收取学费.    (*以上均以菲律宾私立学校指引为依据), please click this link for more info:

Can I pay in installment?
Yes, you may. 分期付款时间表已在报名时的评估表格中注明.  
However,  您可以选择支付每月或发薪日取决于您的资金可用性,  只要在学期结束前结清余额就行,  before the final exam date.

How do I apply for Refund of my overpayment?
Refunds are processed by the Accounting Dept. You may email for your inquiries.

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